Fly fishing in Northeast Iowa at the end of October can be a coin toss sometimes, depending on the weather.  Chris and Eddie picked the day a month in advance and ended up with great weather.  The sky was overcast but it was warm and calm.

Chris grew up fly fishing for salmon but now that he lives in Iowa, he took this opportunity to come to Decorah and get back to his fly rod, this time for trout.  For some people like Chris it’s just like riding a bike.  He was back in the zone in no time.

Eddie was ready to give fly fishing in Northeast Iowa a shot.  He fished his home state of North Carolina quite often and found the streams around Northeast Iowa similar to the mountain streams he fishes.

We were fishing just under the surface.  The fish were active, and we landed numerous fish with emerges and bead heads size 16-20.  Eddie was successful fishing a sausage and egg combination.  He chose to leave out the sausage (aka, San Juan Worm) and went with a red copper john instead.

Thanks guys.